Past and present

La Fantasía, our history

At the service of your home since 1913

First stage

La Fantasía opened on the 26th of April 1913. Sebastià Palliser Villalonga ran the business for 32 years until 1945. The ladies of the time found a catalogue of sophisticated fabric for prêt-a-porter dressmaking which at the time had no equal in Menorca. During the war, the shop remained practically always open and despite the lack of stocks, displayed empty boxes which in the eyes of the public were full, in order to make up for, with imagination, the very difficult moments of the time. On the founder’s retirement, his nephew, Pere Palliser Carreras, who had been in the shop from the age of fourteen, took over the business but gradually abandoned the lacework for other day-to-day needs in linen.

Period of reinvention

The specialisation in curtains and home fabrics was gradually introduced as from the mid-70s when Pere Palliser Carreras’ son, Juan Antonio, took over the business. Specifically, in 1974 the shop underwent a major reform in which Fantasía would grow in size since they bought the ground floor of the shop and more display space. Tourism in Menorca began to grow at a steady pace and they were able to make the most of this growth to equip apartments, hotels and new homes that were gradually added to the landscape. The individual supply and fitting of curtains, sheets and towels finally turned it into a company speciality. Twenty years later, a second reform would consolidate the presence and awareness of the La Fantasía building in the centre of Maó and the penultimate reform, in 2008, rationalised the shop towards more specialisation with the introduction of major household linen.

Textile interior design

The transformation of a shop that aimed to fully equip homes and small rural hotels has been the vision that has led to the fourth generation, directed by Pedro Palliser and his wife Mónica, towards textile interior design as a new inspirational space, a space with the vocation of a showroom that from Carrer de l’Ángel has been able to select the best labels and best fabrics to keep itself in the vanguard of inspiration. Rediscover our home with elegance and style, in the prêt -a-porter of interior haute couture.